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17 November 2005

Abuse of comments

I have, unfortunately, had to delete a comment placed on this site. This comment was an attack on other debaters.

The problem was not that an attack was made. This is a debating website and if someone wishes to make a reasoned argument they can. However the problem was that the comment was placed anonymously.

If you do not have the courage to place your name against such a comment it will not be posted.

As a result of this abuse of the open comments I have activated moderation for all comments. This is not to limit free speech. It is designed to limit the abuse of free speech. I run the site and I am held to account for what is on it. I had hoped that debaters would be mature enough not to hide behind anonymous posting.

If the person wishes to repost their comment I will allow it BUT they will have to include their name and e-mail for verification (I will not post the e-mail but I will use it to verify that the person posting is not using another's identity).


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