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18 September 2005

E-mail from Worlds 2006

From: John Harvey

Dear Debaters,

First, we have decided to again extend Phase 1 of the registration process by one week.

Second, here is the explanation of the Registration process:

Phase 1 (extended until Friday, September 23rd)
During Phase 1 of the Registration process people have had the chance to build their delegations and pay either the deposit or the full amount for their delegation. People who pay the full amount will be guaranteed their allocation at worlds. Those who pay the deposit secure their allocation and will have until the end of Phase 2 to pay the balance.

Phase 2 (Monday, September 26th - Friday, November 4th)
During Phase 2 of the Registration process people who have paid deposits will have until the end of Phase 2 to pay the balance that is due on their accounts their slots are secure until that point. Those who have already paid in full need not worry about anything. Those who have merely set up a delegation will only be able to pay the full amount for their delegation but places will be allocated on a first-pay, first-served basis. We expect all the team slots to be allocated during Phase 2 so speed will be of the essence if you want to absolutely guarantee participation.

In the unlikely event that team slots become available we will reallocate them when Phase 2 is over on a first-come, first-served basis. However, there is no need to contact us about this ? if the team cap has already been filled when you attempt to pay, the system will log the date and time of your attempt and will add you to the waiting list

During Phase 2 we're also happy to receive further requests for additional teams, rising from 4 teams per institution to 6 teams. However we will only consider requests e-mailed to the Registration Director ( with a subject in the following form: RE: request for [1/2] extra team(s) [Institution name] [Date of e-mail]

Obviously, you should change the details within the square brackets to those relevant to your own situation. If you need to give us additional information regarding your request, you should do so in the body of the e-mail but we will only consider requests with subjects in the form set out above. It's worth noting that we will not consider your request if you lie
about the date.

Third, we asked you to hold back from contacting us in relation to additional requirements that you or members of your delegation will have during worlds. We want to thank you for your co-operation with this. We have decided that we now want you to include this kind of requests in the box marked "Other Details" in the registration system. This includes any
requests relating to extra nights in the hotels, upgrading to single rooms, any mobility difficulties, etc.

Fourth, we would like to encourage you to pay your registration by credit card where possible, as it is much easier for us to keep track of this. However, if this is not possible, we would ask that you make your payment by means of a draft or transfer in Euro. It is essential that your payment is denominated in the Euro currency, as we will not take responsibility for any
shortfalls caused by bank charges or currency fluctuations.

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