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2 May 2005

WUDC Malaysia 2005 Results

Congrats to Erik & Jamie from Ottawa A. They have been one of the top teams competing in competitions around the World for the last couple of years and are well deserved winners of the World Championships. Well done, and hard luck, to the other teams in the final.

Ottawa A (Erik Eastaugh & Jamie Furniss) WINNERS
Cambridge A (Daragh Grant & Joe Devanney)
Oxford. D (Alex Just & Jonathan Bailey)
Hart House B (Michael Kotrly & Joanna Nairn)

Best Speaker
Kylie Lane (Monash A) 741
Seb Isaac (Lincoln's Inn) 736
Erik Eastaugh (Ottawa A) 735
Richard Osbourne (Inner Temple) 730
Jamie Furniss (Ottawa A) 730
Joe Devanney (Cambridge A) 728
Daragh Grant (Cambridge A) 728
Andrew Fitch (Monash A)728
Rory Gillis (Yale) 726
David Whelan (Kings Inn) 724

ESL Finalists:
UKM A (Tan Ai Huey & Khor Swee Kheng) WINNERS
Nanyang Tech U A (Anirudh & Ajay)
Nanyang Tech U B (Ankit & Karthik)
MGIMO Moscow (Zalivako & Akulich)

Masters finalists:
Australia (Roland Dillon & Michael Smith) WINNERS
Ireland (Derek Lande & Conor Buckley)
New Zealand (Rachel Carrell & Caleb Ward)
Tamil (Praba Ganesan & Kevin Moar)

ANU (including: Jeremy Farrell, Toby Halligan, Patrick Moody, Emily Byrne, Jeremy Farrell and Bill Bannear).

Public Speaking:
Rahim Moloo (UBC) WINNER

MMU Worlds are the largest ever with 312 teams.

1. This House would compel HIV infected people to disclose their disease to their sexual partners
2. This house believes the EU should open its doors to North Africa
3. This House would not teach vocational studies at University
4. This House would positively discriminate women in the armed forces
5. This House believes that outsourcing is good for the developed and developing nations..
6. This house would have harsher sentences for celebrity criminals
7. This house believes that anti-terrorism is the new McCarthyism
8. This house would expand NAFTA into South America
9. This house would prioritise organ donations to those who have lived a healthy lifestyle
Octo: This house believes it is time for an ASEAN parliament
Qtr: This House Believes That Mentally Handicapped People Are Better Cared For In The Community Than In Institutions
Semi: THW Use Gambling To Rejuvenate Depressed Economic Zones
Final: This House supports corporal punishment in schools

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