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29 May 2005

London Summer Comps.

1. London Invitational on Friday 29th July, registration closing at 4pm. This tournament is by invitation only.
2. London Summer Open (BP) will be on Saturday 30th July, registration will close around 11am on the day.
3. London Australs will be on the Sunday 31st July, registration will close around 11am on the day.

Chief Adjudicators will be Fiona Dewar and Amanda Wolthuizen.

The Invitational is an individuals tournament, rounds will have 6 debaters (basically Balaka style, missing the 3rd speaker from BP), speeches will be 5 minutes long and involves lots and lots of drink, akin to the DDT in Canada.

Debating will start from 4pm and end at 10pm.All three tournaments will take place at the BPP Law School in Holborn, the cost is yet to be finalised, although it is anticipated that teams from Ireland and Scotland will receive a discount. Further, individuals participating in both tournaments can expect a discounted rate.

Check the mailing list on British debate for more details.

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