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10 January 2004

Singapore WUDC 2004 bid

Asians 94, Asians 97, Australs 01 Worlds 04?

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore is proud to bid for the World Universities Debating Championship 2004.

NTU boasts a strong debating culture having been the pioneer organizer of the Asian Intervarsity Debating Championship in 1994. It also hosted the 4th All Asians in 1997 and the 27th AustralAsians in 2001. AustralAsians 2001 was the largest ever, which saw participation of 84 teams from 45 universities. NTU was successful in promoting the tournament within the Asian region and the tournament saw participation from Cambodian and Indonesian universities for the first time.

NTU has a well coordinated network of people in the Students Union as well as in the Debating Society who have the expertise required to hold massive events of this nature. The success of the AustralAsians 2001 bears testament to this fact.

Singapore is the melting pot of Asia, where a multitude of cultures and races co-exist in perfect harmony. It has fascinating tourist attractions as well as some very popular nightspots and shopping malls. This would add that extra dimension to the already vibrant experience that is the Worlds!

Please support us in our bid for Worlds 2004 this December in Toronto. Help us make NTU Worlds 2004 a reality that you would cherish.


For once, you don’t have to worry about the cold weather putting you out of your best debating action. When the Worlds 2004 comes to Singapore, you will experience a warm and sunny tropical island that’s ideal for a brief, enjoyable getaway.

Whether you are a perpetual drunkard, sun-seeker, shopping freak or food connoisseur – and we suspect debaters are all of these - there’s always something to keep you busy in Singapore.

I want my tequila!

Yes, we know. For some genetic reason, debaters are party animals first, and well, debaters second. Don’t worry, there’s a string of watering holes to satisfy your alcoholic craving during those late nights. A must-visit is the row of stylish pubs (converted from quaint shop houses) along Mohammed Sultan, which throbs with a high BP (Beautiful People) quotient, great music from acid jazz to techno, and an absolutely sizzling party culture. Totally unofficial Singapore!

Food, glorious food!

Not for nothing is Singapore known as a food paradise. From chilli crabs, Hainanese chicken rice, Malay sambal dishes to Indian roti prata and much much more, well, we say you can forget about watching your weight here. Heck, for those who are pathologically addicted to chips, pizza and Coke, lots of Pizza Huts and McDonald’s are here to stop those withdrawal syndromes from attacking!

Melt my credit card, baby!

What do you know? Worlds 2004 coincides with the Great Christmas/New Year Sales! This is an annual event with mind-boggling discounts in stores all over the island. Think Country Road, Billabong, Espirit, A/X. So come with an empty luggage, stroll down the throbbing Orchard Road (our prime-shopping district) with heaps of great buys and just melt your credit card in this one-time indulgence.

A sun-kissed sheen!

What’s a trip to tropical Asia without getting a glorious, envy-inducing tan? For that, we’ll bring you to East Coast Parkway or Pasir Ris beach where you can dig into lip-smacking seafood after an idyllic afternoon chilling out under gently swaying coconut trees. If you’ve more time on your hands, try hopping down to nearby resorts like Batam and Bintan for a totally relaxing veg-out.

Hey, what about the cultural stuff, man?

Of course, we won’t miss this. From Chinatown, Little India to Kampong Glam, you can discover pockets of Old World charm and Asian traditions all over our island. In fact, all you've got to do is to just walk down any street here, and you’ll see the amazing ethnic diversity, hear the multiple accents, and sense the vibrant cosmopolitanism of Singapore!



NTU has large pool of adjudicators, which it derives from its Intervarsity Debating Squad as well as from experienced alumni. This vast pool of debaters and adjudicators provides NTU with a base of experience and competence capable of ensuring the smooth running of a tournament of the scale of the Worlds.

All of these adjudicators are accredited by the AustralAsian Intervarsity Debating Association (AIDA). This is how the numbers tally.(Approximate numbers including alumni debaters.)

• Level 4 AIDA accredited adjudicator: 1 (level 4 is the highest attainable AIDA ranking)

• Level 3 AIDA accredited adjudicators: 7

• Level 2 AIDA accredited adjudicators: 20

• Level 1 AIDA accredited adjudicators: 15

In the runup to AustralAsians 2001, NTU also conducted a number of adjudication seminars to ensure sufficient adjudication ability from other institutions in Singapore. This would provide NTU with a 'critical mass'to ensure the smooth running of the tournament. NTU would also complement the ground work established with further seminars leading upto Worlds 2004.Besides this, the n-1 rule would also be implemented giving us a further source of adjudicators.


Many of the people who were part of AustralAsians 2001 committee would be involved with Worlds 2004. This gives them an added advantage having experienced the organizational aspects and issues of AustralAsians.

The committee established a large network and knowledge base in its preparations for the AustralAsians. These resources would ensure that NTU doesn't re-invent the wheel in its preparations for Worlds 2004.


A team of 6 Computer engineering students from NTU created the tabulation for AustralAsians 2001, which was tested during Easters 2001 in Sydney and used during AustralAsians 2001. This was acknowledged to be the best tabulation software created and the organizing committee donated it to AIDA.

The same tabulation software would also be used during the All Asian Intervarsity Debates to be held in Mahidol University, Thailand in 2002.

If Worlds 2004 comes along to NTU, this group of 6 computer engineering geniuses would be around to create a similar tabulation software for WUDC if necessary.


In the bid for AustralAsians 2001, NTU promised a rego fee not exceeding USD 250. We made good on this promise while providing excellent value for money in terms of food, socials, accommodation and undiluted fun.

To give you an idea, here is how much our business team got in sponsorship in the six months from January 2001 to June 2001 before the AustralAsians in July 2001.

Sponsor Amount

Sembawang Hong Kah CDC S$82000

Arthur D Little S$5000

Total S$87000

1 USD = 1.8 S$ (11 Dec 2001)

Sponsor Amount

Kingfisher Beer 2400 Cans of Beer

Cadbury Pte Ltd 15000 chocolate bars

Sony (S) Pte Ltd 2 Sony Mavica Digital cameras

The NTU administration also gave the Organizing committee financial backing for every single dollar spent during the tournament.

The amount raised for the AustralAsians was raised in a record span of 6 months and if awarded the bid for Worlds 2004, we at NTU can assure very affordable rego fees for Worlds.

Our credibility stems from our experience in organizing 2 Asians (1994 and 1997) and 1 AustralAsians(2001). Furthermore, the organizers of the AustralAsians 2001 are also the ones involved in the Worlds 2004. The numbers we'll pull, are therefore more realistic than any hat, anywhere can supply.


Saturday, December 27th

Registration opens at the Conrad International.

Pre Tournament Party @ China Jump.

Sunday, December 28th

Debater's Briefing and Judge's Evaluation

World Master's Qualifying.

Opening Ceremonies and Reception.

Official Welcome Party - Aloha Singapore! (Hawaiian Theme party)

Prophecy has it that the proposed convener of Worlds 2004 will have a love child with a person of Hawaiian origin and the first words that this child would utter will be "Aloha Singapore".

Monday, December 29th

Debating, Rounds I-III

Non Alcoholic Party @ Fort Canning Green.

Tuesday, December 30th

Debating, Rounds IV-VI

Women's Forum

2005 night and The Rock and Roll Karaoke Night!

Wednesday, December 31st

Debating, Rounds VII-IX

Break Night party @ Zouk.

Thursday, January 1st

World's Council Meeting

Singapore Safari (have breakfast with the orangutan at Singapore Zoo)

World's Master's Final

Comedy Night

Friday, January 2nd

ESL Semi-Final Rounds

Octo-Final & Quarter-Final Rounds

Championship Dinner: "Revolutionizing debating" and Masquerade Party: "face\off".

Thursday, January 3rd

ESL Final Round

Semi Final and Grand Final Rounds

Closing Ceremony and The Gong Fu Party.



NTU received numerous accolades for its brilliant organization of the AustralAsians 2001. Some of these accolades can be read at the AustralAsians 2001 guestbook.To the folks who missed out attending AustralAsians 2001, this should give an idea of how well it went. We hope NTU would be awarded the bid for Worlds 2004, so that we can extend the same welcome and hospitality to all our fellow debaters from around the world.

A compilation of some of the comments from the Guestbook

I have heard good reviews of the championships. Well done to all involved.

- Colm Flynn Chair, World Universities Debating Council

NTU's Australs was a BLAST! Still miss the whole freakin tournament! Left me dazed up to now. Cool parties and nice people you've got there!

- Eric.

Thankyou all so very much for all of your hard work. On behalf of the Monash Association of Debaters, we salute you.

- Luke Oliver

Well, although AustralAsian for this year is over, I get a lot of experienes from it. And through this tournament, I know many new friends and understand Singapore more. I think all committee members have exerted a lot of efforts into it. Well done to all!

- Terri

Great tournament fellas- you've done NTU proud!

- Foo Chek Yang

You guys are just incredible... Professional (and a teeeeny bit wacko at times..but that's expected from brilliant minds) and very well organized. Well, at least that's what I gathered from the website.. Let's hope the tournament is as fantastic as it promises to be! is there ANYTHING you NTU's DON'T have? :P -just across the straits........

- maverix

Hi guys, what an awesome website. if the tourny is as good it should be sensational. well Done.

- Roushad Khambatta

Great site guys! Looking forward to what appears to be shaping up as a great tournament! Hope to see many of you at Glasgow Worlds.

- Cheers, Michael.


Folks, this is what NTU is! Enjoy these numbers!

• 1 is the number of AIDA level 4 adjudicators that NTU has.

• S$ 82000 is what we got as sponsorship from Sembawang Hong Kah CDC for AustralAsians 2001.

• S$ 2,200 is the amount spent by the Australs convener on the bang up job on the car.

• 0 is the number of times, the convener has had any other bang up jobs.

• 50 is the number of lecture theatres we have.

• 150 is the man power we had available for the Australs.

• 12 is the man months it took to make the superb tab software for the Australs.

• 15 is the number of minutes it took to generate the tab.

• 2 are the adjudicators who then delayed the tab by handing their score sheets to the bus driver.

• 300 is the number of universities that were contacted for the Australs.

• 84 is the number of teams that took part in Australs 2001.

• 64 is previous highest number of teams at an Australs.

• 1 is the speaker ranking of Chitra Jenardhan at the Princeton Worlds (NTU ya ya).

• 1 is what NTU broke at the Melaka Asians.

• 1 is the number of Asian teams that broke at Australs 2000.

• 1 is the number of NTU teams that broke at Australs 2000.

• 1 is the number of NTU teams that won Bestari in 1999.

• 1 is the number of debaters, Meghraj (the friendly neighborhood NTU muscleman debater) told to go fly a kite at the Sydney Worlds.

• 6 is the months it took to generate such high sponsorship.

• 2 is the number of years we have if we get the Worlds bid.

• 1 is the rank of Singapore as the most popular Asian tourist hub.

• 1,000,000 is the number of visitors to Singapore every month.

• 1000 of them could be debaters in December 2003.

• 100 is the number of people we hope to have taking care of them (1:10 is a pretty good eh?)

• 130 centimeters is the height of the Australs convener.

• 120 centimeters is the length of his............................ scratch on the Australs car.

• 1 is the bus driver in Glasgow that made a pass at our Australs convener.

• 15,000 is the number of chocolates that Cadbury gave for Australs.

• 2,400 is the number of beer cans that Kingfisher Beer gave for Australs.

• 3 is the number of hours the Australs Committee slept on an average during the Australs.

• 15 is the number of people from the Australs Committee who are exploring careers as singers after the Karaoke night in Australs.

• 3 is the number of hours it took Hobbes to make this site.

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