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16 January 2003

Stellenbosch WUDC 2003 Knockout rounds


Monash A Cambridge A Melbourne A Cambridge B
Judges: Marika Muller (SA), Colm Flynn (Ire), Andy Hume (Sco) Ian Lising (US) Jennifer Twite (UK), Eamonn O'Flaherthy (Ire), Joan De Venecia (Ph)

Semi Finals
THBT Empire is globalisation Repackaged

Semi 1 Cambridge B Monash B Middle Temple A Oxford D
Judges: Marika Muller (SA), Ian Lising (US), Cath Orr (Aus), Sarah Fennell (Ire), Peter Neilson (Can), Kevin Moar (NZ), Eammon O’Flaherty (Ire)

Semi 2 Cambridge A Melbourne A UNISA A Oxford B
Judges: Colm Flynn (Ire) Andy Hume (Sco), Andrew Wilkinson (Aus), Ravi Viswanathan (Sing), Joan De Venecia (Ph), Cathy Rossouw (Aus), Elliot Gold (UK)

Qtr Finals

Qtr 1 Cambridge B Monash B Oxford C Monash A
Qtr 2 Cambridge A UNISA A ANU A UBC A
Qtr 3 Oxford B Melbourne A UNSW B Ottowa A
Qtr 4 Oxford D Middle Temp A Bristol A UNSW Union A

Octo Finals
Motion: THW believes Tobacco Companies have social responsibilities

Octo 1 Cambridge B Monash B NUS C Cam C
Judges: Marika Muller Kevin Moar, Alex Betts, Eamonn O’Flaherthy, Ndanga Kamau

Octo 2 Cambridge A UBC A Monash C Melbourne B
Judges: Ian Lising, Andrew MacAllister, Gaurav Toshinwal, Ravi Viswanathan, Iva Kutle

Octo 3 Oxford B Melb A Hebrew A ANU C
Judges: Sarah Fennell, Andrew Wilkinson, Rob Marrs, Jennifer Contreras, Dennis Loh

Octo 4 Bristol A Middle Temp A Wits A UCC Phil
Judges: Catherine Orr, Jenny Twite, Nick Sloboda, Anna French, Piyanart Faktorngapan

Octo 5 Oxford D UNSW UNION A La Verne A Oxford E
Judges: Cathy Rossow Jo Read-Williams, Joan De Venecia, Pravin Peraba,Kathleen Hyland

Octo 6 UNSW B Ottowa A Oxford A Atenao A
Judges: Colm Flynn, Praba Ganesan, Caryn Collins, Gill McNaught, Monica Ferris

Octo 7 ANU A UNISA A UNSW A Hart House B
Judges: Andy Hume, Maryam Jahanshahi, Mohammed Latif, Sara Przybylska, Omer Bekermann

Octo 8 Oxford C Monash A MMU A Sydney A
Judges: Peter Neilson, Elliot Gold, Manolis Polychronides, Namrata Verma, Jessee Alexander-Hoepner

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