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16 January 2003

Stellenbosch 2003 Results

Cambridge B (Caleb Ward & Jack Anderson)

Runners Up:
Monash B (Luke Oliver & Tim Sonnerich)
Cambridge A (Wu Meng Tan & Seb Issacc)
Melbourne A (Sarah Kennedy & Perry Herzfeld)

Best Speaker
Wu Meng Tan (Cambridge A)

World Debating Masters Competition
England B (Alex Betts & Tom Goodhead)

Runners up:
Australia A (Tom Agnew & Tim Smithhurst)
England A (Elliot Gold & ?)
Israel A (Eli Novershtern & Naomi Krieger)

English as a second Lanugage
National University of Singapore (Desai & Baig)

Runners up:
Ateneo B
Putra Malaysia A

World Public Speaking Championships
Ajit Singh (Alberta)

Comedy Winner:
Sam Negus (Bristol)

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