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4 May 2002

Russian Report to 2002 Worlds Council

At the 2002 Worlds Council countries were invited to submit a report to the council to let other nations know about debating in their country.  It was not compulsory but a number of nations gave reports.

Russian Report to 2002 Worlds Council

System of higher education: Universities & institutes. Everyone, upon graduating from the 11th grade can apply and try to pass the entrance exams. The average age of the university students is 17 - 22 yrs.

Debating clubs aren't attached to the universities so closely, as in the other countries, 'cause the debates weren't developed so intensively yet. The exception is Moscow, where a lot of universities possess their own debating clubs. The most developed ones are attached to the Private Universities where they have the financial support as well. Among Moscow debating clubs are Moscow State University Club, the Higher School for Economics, etc. In St-Petersburg we do have 2 clubs, one of which - St-Petersburg club has its sections in 4 Universities of the city, incl. 2 most significant (St-Petersburg State University and St-Petersburg Pedagogical State Univ.) and 2 private ones.

Debates in Russia are developed in other cities of Russia such as Nijni Novgorod, Samara, Pskov, Novgorod, Tula, Novosibirsk, Toliatti, Ryazan, Cheliabinsk, Taganrog, Cheboksary, Tambov, Iaroslavl, Volgograd and others.

Most debaters started their debating experience since school years when they were Karl Popper debaters. Karl Popper program is well-developed here and was mostly supported with OSI funds. Only in St-Petersburg more than 50 schools have their local debating clubs.

The most significant Parli-events are held in: Moscow - annual Moscow Open Winter Games - in February (Moscow State University), Moscow Open Games - December (Higher School for Economics), St-Petersburg City Tournament - May (St-Petersburg Club); Ryazan Open Games, Pskov Open Games. etc.

Alina Shcherbinina

Co-ordinator of International Relations

St-Petersburg Parliamentary Debates club

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