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4 May 2002

Czech Republic Report to 2002 Worlds Council

At the 2002 Worlds Council countries were invited to submit a report to the council to let other nations know about debating in their country.  It was not compulsory but a number of nations gave reports.

Czech Republic Report to 2002 Worlds Council

1. Definition of institution

Higher education in the Czech Republic is provided by universities, which, generally speaking, don't differ much from 'Western' institutions; certainly not from the worldwide basic idea of what a university is. University debating is still in an embryonic stage in the Cz Rep, having very few active debating societies. All the existing societies were established at universities; where possible new clubs are also likely to appear. I have no sign of debate activites emerging at different types of schools that might cause difficulties.

2. The issue of advanced degrees

Czech higher education system is generally compatible with the ones in Western Europe/North America and elsewhere, dividing the studies into undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Moreover, the current effort is to eliminate even the few differences in order to follow the models used in the EU. Theoretically, all BA, MA, and PhD students are entitled to participate in debating. In reality, however, mostly undergraduate students debate, which makes the situation even simpler. There are no higher education semi-professional institutions similar to the Inns in the Cz Rep.

3. The issue of multiple societies

So far, no multiple societies have emerged. Although I can't guarantee they wouldn't appear in the future, I can assure you the Czech debating community would make an effort to prevent the founding of more societies at one university.

Milan Konrad

Czech Delegate, World University Debating Council

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