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4 December 2001

Deree IV Results

Nov 2001
Winners: Deree College (Kouri & Schizas)
Finalists: American Community Schools (Spanos & Linos) St Laurence College (Pantazis & Spiliotis) Hellenic American Educational Foundation (Stevis & Papanicolaou )
Best speaker: Manos Schizas (Deree College)

May 2001
Winners: Independent (Bertseka & Schizas)
Finalists: Athens University (Giannakouri & Gova), Independent (Linos & Karavias), Deree (Vlassis & Kouri)
Best speaker: Irianna Kouri (Deree)

Nov 2000
Winners: St Laurence College (Pantazis & Spiliotis)
Finalists: Independent (Linos & Spanos), Athens College (Bertseka & Gaka), Deree (Kouri & Polychronides)
Best speaker: Panos Spiliotis (St Laurence College)

May 2000
Winners: Athens College (Schizas & Bertseka)
Finalists: Athens University (Dalietou & Kouri), Independent (Linos & Spanos), Deree (Kachrilas & Ashiotis)
Best speaker: Irianna Kouri (Athens Uni)

Nov 1999
Winners: Athens University (Dalietou & Kouri)
Finalists: Deree (Kachrilas & Ashiotis), Athens College (Stamatopoulos & Theodorelis), Deree (Lagarias-Katehis)
Best speaker: ??

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