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2 May 2001

ASEAN Inter-Varsity environmental Debates

ASEAN Inter-varsity environmental debates

1999 - 1st ASEAN Environmental Debate

Host : International Islamic University of Malaysia
Winner: Singapore (Ngoei Wen Qing, Lee Kher Shing, Jonathan Yuen, Wee Beng Hui)
Run-up: Malaysia (Aizuddin Danian, Fahda Nur Ahmad Kamar, Andrew Yeo, Sucharit Pongprakyun)

2000 - 2nd ASEAN Environmental Debate
Host : University of Malaya (Malaysia)
Winner: Malaysia (Mohd. Sani Ismail, Mediha Mahmood, Chong Mei Yee, Tizreena Ismail)
Run-up: Singapore (Jonathan Yuen, Sangeetha Subbrahmanyam, Jean Ho, Abishek Jaswal)

No debate in 2001

Thailand will host in 2002

Information below supplied by Jonathan Yuen, National University of Singapore Debating Team

The Competition was held for the first time in Kuala Lumpur, by Malaysia, the host of this event.

The debates follow the All-Asians format (ie 3 man, 7 minute speeches, with points of information and a reply speech) where it differs is that the reply is 5 minutes long. More importantly, this debate format has included a 90 sec per speaker cross fire round that is held after all 3 substantive speeches from each side has been delivered, and is held before the reply speeches.

Teams get a total of 4 chances to speak, meaning that 1 of the 3 speakers gets to speak twice. Each speaking block is 90 seconds. The time block is forfeited if a speaker doesn't speak within the first 15 seconds of being given his 90 sec block and the turn passes over to the opposing team. But the opposing team does not benefit from the 'extra time' that the non-speaker lost.

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