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24 March 1999

WUDC Manila 1999 Social Housing

Where is the venue and how much does it cost?
The socialized housing facilities are in the Pollock center, Ateneo de Manila. The capacity is 50 people and the accommodation includes lodging and breakfast.
The registration fee for those who would stay in the Pollock Center is $200.
All debaters and adjudicators, excluding trainee adjudicators, are eligible for application.

How do I apply for Socialized Housing?
The general requirements for application are the Letter of Intent, Certificate of Participation and the Checklist that is provided herewith. These intend to measure the urgency and the financial need of the delegate for housing subsidy which are the criteria for selection.

The Letter of Intent should include the following information:
Background Information – name, school, course and year, mailing address, contact number and email address by which applicant can be reached (please indicate if its personally owned).
The reason for applying for Socialized Housing.

* Address all correspondences to:
Karen Llagas
Director if Finance – XIXth World Debate Championships
C/o Office of Student Activities
Ateneo de Manila University

The Certificate of Participation should indicate if that the applicant is joining as a debater or as an adjucator and should be duly signed by the applicant, the coach and/or the moderator of his/her debate organization.

What other information should I know about Socialized Housing?
The deadline for submission of application is on October 27, 1998. Failure to comply with the deadline means disqualification from screening and consequently, selection.

The results would be given at the latest 3 weeks after the deadline. They would be sent either by post or by email. The applicants will be notified even if they are not accepted for Socialized Housing.

For clarifications, please email them to Karen Llagas (

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