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23 March 1999

WUDC Manila 1999 Invitation

Dear Worlds Delegate,
The Ateneo de Manila University takes great pride in inviting your institution to the XIXth World Universities Debating Championships to be held on our campus from December 27, 1998 to January 3, 1999. We are confident that your stay in Manila will be a truly memorable one.

TOURNAMENT DATES: December 27, 1998 to January 3, 1999

ACCOMODATION: EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, Metro Manila

Registration fee covers accommodation from Dec. 27, 1998 to Jan. 4, 1999 (noon). The hotel charges US$105++ a night (per room) for Worlds participants who plan to arrive earlier or leave after such dates. One room accommodates three persons.

TEAM CAP: There is a cap of two teams (i.e., total of four debaters) per insitution/society. Should circumstances (hotel space, etc.) signify that the Championship can accommodate more teams, you will be notified at once and slots for such additional teams will be available on a first come, first served basis.

ADJUDICATOR RULE: All universities must follow the n-1 rule, i.e., total no. of teams - 1 = total no. of adjudicators that must be sent.

PROOF OF ENROLMENT: All debaters must submit an official proof of enrolment from their institution.

Registration fee is set at US$295.00 for all adjudicators and debaters. An extra US$50 will be charged to observers. All delegates who pay after the deadline set by the Organizing Committee will be charged an additional US$20 per individual as penalty for late payment.


CONFIRMATION OF PARTICIPATION: The Organizing Committee requires that all societies must confirm their participation and delegation size by September 30, 1998, regardless of other details (team composition, names of delegates,etc.).

SOCIALIZED HOUSING: There are limited slots available (for about 120 individuals only). Interested universities must send the Organizing Committee information regarding their financial status, which will be used as basis for deliberation. Merely informing the Organizing Committee of one's interest will not suffice. Universities must wait for the confirmation of the Organizing Committee that they have been granted such slots. REGISTRATION FEE for those who will avail of socialized housing is set at US$200. ALL APPLICATIONS FOR SOCIALIZED HOUSING MUST BE IN BY OCTOBER 31, 1998.

1.. Delegates can pay through any major foreign bank with an affiliation with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). You can try the following banks: Chase-Manhattan, Bank of America and Citibank.

2.. Send the foreign remittance to the Bank of the Philippine Islands, Loyola Heights Branch to the dollar savings account name: Ateneo Debate Society, account number 3084-0151-55.

3.. The surcharge of such remittance should be shouldered by the debating society (payee).

4.. Payees MUST inform the Worlds Organizing Committee of the transfer payment via e-mail/fax, addressed to Mr. Edsel Tupaz, Deputy Finance Director of the XIXth World Universities Debating Championships at etupaz at or (632)426-6080 (fax). In such letter, pls. specify the following:

1.. the name and exact location of the bank from which such transfer has been made

2.. the exact amount sent

3.. the names of delegates covered by such payment and the name of the institution/society and country of which the payment is from.

NOTE: Kindly send us your correspondence as soon as your payment has been made.

The Organizing Committee will send confirmation of the receipt of your payment within two weeks of receipt of your correspondence.

Travel Arrangements:
Flights may be difficult to come by this December. Instone Aviation may be able to help universities who are having difficulty catching flights to Manila. Instone is based in London with several branches worldwide, in almost every continent. They can be faxed at IDD+44-171-407-4258. When you fax them with your information, mention that you are with Worlds.

The Worlds Masters are the all-star debaters representing their nations, not universities. Only the strongest survive in this three round elimination tournament (World Cup Style)to start the festivities of the week. The finals will be held at week's end. The competition is open only to those selected by their national debating council or (only if no such organization exists) by the university which represents the respected country at World Council.

NOTE: The Masters are required to adjudicate at Worlds.

Eligibility to participate in World Masters:
1.. Only one team of four members is allowed per nation.

2.. The following nations were invited to compete at the inaugural tournament (based on prior participation) subject to future decision by Worlds Council: Australia India New Zealand South Africa Canada Japan Philippines United States England Ireland Scotland Thailand Greece Malaysia Singapore Wales

3. Selections to teams must be determined by a National Debating Organization or by the institution which represents the nation in Worlds Council.

4. Masters' delegates are eligible to represent a country if a citizen or if they were affiliated with a university which represented it. No other restrictions apply.

More importantly

Website(with on line registration!):
E-mail: manilaworlds at
Mail: XIXth World Universities Debating Championships
Ateneo Debate Society
c/o The Office of Student Activities
Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon City

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