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2 May 1981

Glasgow WUDC 1981 Format

(extract from letter sent by Clark McGinn to participating teams)

1. Everyone will speak in the preliminary rounds numbers 1-4 on the days mentioned above. Debates will be in the form of two teams proposing the motion and two teams opposing with each speaker having seven minutes to speak in (with points of information allowed). The motions for the preliminary rounds will have 1 philosophical/abstract, 1 humerous, 1 exempore and 1 political/pragmatic. This is to try and give representation of the four major styles of debating used throughout the world. Notice of the philsophical and pragmatic rounds (PI) and the political motion (PIV) will be given in this letter but details of PII and PIII will be given on arrival as well as details of the semi-final motions. The motion for the final is also enclosed in this letter.

With each team speaking in four preliminary rounds this means that each team will speak in each of opening and closing proposition and opening and closing opposition. The teams will also be divided into pools of 16 so that every team will speak before every judge judging that pool. By these methods it is hoped that any advantage obtained in the draw with respect to position or judges will be removed. From the preliminary rounds a toatl of 12 teams will go through to the semi-finals and thereafter 4 to the final on the thurdsay night. which will be televised and shown on British network.

Clark McGinn

Convenor of Debates

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